smartphone trending today

smartphone and its application rapid user growth is on top niche

smartphone trending
smartphone world

And it doesn’t just mean the rising number of smartphone users, but also the host of other reasons behind this growth.

Firstly, the growing number of E-commerce startups in India. Currently, India is the third-largest start up country after USA and UK. And this e-commerce system is fueling the growth of business around the mobile eco system as more and more people are using their mobiles for shopping and other transactions.

Which indicates that more and more people are searching for products and services online, and making payments from their mobile phones which will indeed drive a surge of mobile applications and mobile payment gateways. The adoption rate for both mobile apps and mobile wallet will increase significantly in 2016, compared to last year.

India’s e-commerce revenue can hit $38 Billion this year and industry leaders believe that m-commerce (mobile commerce) could contribute up to 70% of the total revenue. It’s a classic example of need-gap fulfilment. Recently, Union Government of India, has launched four mobile health (m-Health) services by the name of Kilkari, Mobile Academy, M-Cessation and TB Missed Call initiative. Mobile apps and services are also coming up in regional languages. Mobile is not only growing, but also cascading into creating a value circumference for our human lifestyle in technogy


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